While A mobile strategy based around Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) and Multi-Access Gateway (MAG) support will give you:

  • a common platform for your mobile applications
  • flexibility of operating system
  • lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

In the previous paper in this series, we recommended SAP’s Sybase Unwired Platform as the leading technology to achieve these benefits.

Once you have chosen the architecture your next challenge is to implement a solution, rich in functionality, in the fastest, cheapest manner. Whether you are moving from a previous version of SAP Mobile Asset Management (MAM), replacing another mobile technology, or implementing mobile for the first time, CGI’s Accelerated Sybase Unwired Platform approach will:

  • mitigate many of the risks associated with mobile technology implementation
  • accelerate the deployment of a functionally rich and integrated solution
  • provide a framework in which the solution can be implemented and supported more quickly and more cost effectively than an ‘out of the box’ approach.

Implementing a mobile architecture and platform is different from typical client-server solutions or even traditional SAP products such as ERP or CRM. In this white paper, we outline how we help you realise the benefits from mobility projects quickly.