Andrew Rogoyski, Head of UK Cyber Security explains how cyber security can be a key business benefit by enabling organisation’s to be agile, attract the best talent and use the latest mobile technologies.

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One of the things that we are really keen to get into discussions with customers is that cyber security is an enabler. It’s a benefit. It’s not just a grudge purchase that you always spend too much on.

It is something that can enable your business to be really agile. It can attract the best talent. It can use the latest mobile technologies.
All of those require security as fundamental parts of their delivery.

It’s sometime difficult to persuade people that there’s the right amount of money to spend on cyber security. You always know when you have spent too little – bad stuff happens. How do you know, however, whether you are spending the right amount, or you are spending too much?

Actually, it’s about confidence. It’s about positioning your company in relation to other companies in your market sector. You need to have the confidence that are at least as good as your competitors, that your security measures protect your channels to market, protect your suppliers, protect your staff and your way of doing business.