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Do you have a voice?

It wasn’t long ago that smart speakers (small speakers resembling oversize ice hockey pucks!) started to make their way into our homes. As with smart phone apps – they started as a novelty. Consumers were asking for music from the year of birth to be played or asking Alexa to tell them a joke; and some people still use them for this.

But businesses need to start taking the impact and future influence of voice seriously. Over a quarter of the UK population now own a smart speaker and over 100M Amazon Echo devices have been sold globally. UK commerce through voice is estimated to top £3 billion by 2022 and improvements in technology mean that voice transcription accuracy is now at the same level as humans.

So how can Smart Assistants address some of these issues faced by business as we move into the 2020’s?

The business challenges that can be tackled through this technology are broad. Whether your focus is improving operational efficiency, improving and innovating your customers experience or understanding more about your business through data – CGI can help introduce you to a new world of opportunity with smart speakers and voice technology at its heart.

As part of the development of our smart virtual assistant proposition, we have partnered with voice experience specialists, Rabbit & Pork. Rabbit and Pork are experts in the voice arena, helping organisations realise improved Voice SEO (search engine optimisation) and helping develop strategy in the Voice landscape.

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