Today, businesses are increasingly looking towards twenty-first century digital solutions to optimise their credit management and collections operations. While it has always been essential for organisations to maximise the use of their resources in order for them to stay competitive, businesses are now looking at new ways to harness digital enablers to streamline their operations.

In this scenario, CGI offers organisations almost three decades of experience in helping customers transform their collections and operations infrastructure. Our automation and enabling technologies play a key role in enabling faster collections, improvements in data analysis and real-time decision making.

Our market leading solution suite, Collections360, puts CGI at the heart of more than 300 clients’ credit management and collections operations - helping them to reduce bad debt, improve cash collected, maintain compliance and improve customer service.

Our successful clients include:

  • For one of the world’s largest computer manufacturers we took on their complete collections management operation. Within 3 months we reduced their losses by 10%.
  • For a German car manufacturer, we reduced their collections times by 5 days and reduced their operational costs in just 6 months.
  • For a UK utility company, we enabled faster revenue recovery with increased operational efficiency. This delivered real-time data and risk-differentiated strategies for collections personnel and improved delinquent account tracking.
  • CGI takes a customer-centric approach to collections and revenues, aligning the treatment of the individual, and managing the efficiency of your operation.

The immediate benefits of this approach to businesses include reduced losses, shorter recovery times, lower operational costs and stronger customer relationships.

CGI’s Revenue Management Service delivers our core credit management workflow solution as a fully hosted managed service. It comes with a flexible, opex-style payment model, removing the need for significant upfront on-boarding costs, and scales in line with business needs. It is a proven and resilient solution for all organisations.

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CGI's credit management solutions typically reduce costs by 10 – 25% while improving recovery rates

CGI has an unmatched track record of reducing net bad debt, credit losses, and days outstanding by 10 – 45%