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Markets between buyers and sellers have existed for centuries, but in the digital world, customer expectations have changed dramatically. Organisations must now respond to these ever increasing expectations, often driven by an individual’s personal experience using digital technology in their everyday life.

Organisations have already invested heavily in marketing, sales and servicing technologies, yet many fail to deliver to expectations, particularly in the rapidly evolving digital customer experience world. In fact, customers rate 73% of benchmarked organisations as delivering only average or poor customer experience (Source: Forrester).

So, in an environment where instant gratification and expected satisfaction is the norm, how do organisations respond? Organisations must transform their businesses and services, often in the face of digitally savvy competitors, to:

  • Become truly customer centric.
  • Satisfy customers, whilst driving operational effectiveness, efficiency and value.
  • Deliver meaningful, enabling experiences that meet high customer expectations.
  • Increase loyalty, retention and value against new digitally agile competitors.
  • Deliver holistic and intuitive experiences irrespective as to how, where or when individuals choose to interact.
  • Address the blurring processes of marketing, sales and service.
  • Build trusted relationships, whilst respecting privacy.

CGI deploys a structured approach to help our clients think differently about their customers and citizens, so as to achieve a customer-centric perspective.

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