CGI Collections and Recoveries brings together a world-class solution suite and consulting expertise. We offer the know-how and experience your organisation needs to turn the business of collections into an ongoing strategic advantage.

CGI takes a customer-centric approach to collections and recoveries, and our 35+ years of experience enables us to work collaboratively with you to ensure that all activity is aimed at maximising the efficiency of your operations. If you are an organisation where collecting money from your customers efficiently and effectively is important, we can help you. In an environment where all lending activities are highly regulated and where fines for non-compliance are commonplace, CGI’s solutions and expertise can help maximise operational effectiveness whilst providing best practice processes within the required regulatory framework.

CGI can provide tailored consultancy and training packages including:

  • Strategy development. Designing and developing operational strategies to maximise operational effectiveness
  • Data Maximisation. Understanding and utilising internal and external data sets in order to drive and implement collection and recovery strategies.
  • Trace Operations. Implementing and developing trace operations to locate missing customers across UK and Republic of Ireland. Embedding proactive address and contact validation strategies within collections and recoveries workflows.
  • Multi Channel, Self Serve. Improving customer experience through use of SMS-IVM-IVR-Web Portal and Web Chat to improve customer contact opportunities.
  • Intelligent Automation Processing. Identifying, realising and optimising a range of benefits through the accelerated adoption of automation with collections and recoveries
  • Data and Analytics. Utilising our industry experience we can undertake analytical diagnostics to benchmark operations against industry standards.
  • Horizon Scanning. Offering valuable guidance on upcoming operational compliance proposals and consultations
  • TCF/Vulnerability. Guidance and process design to ensure a defined and robust approach to customer vulnerability and customer fair treatment.
  • External Agency Management. Maximising external agency performance through due diligence, performance management and audit.
  • Compliance. Guidance and advice on regulatory compliance.

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