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Tim Roberts-Holmes

Tim has been at CGI since 2013 working in the Health, Local Government and Policing sectors. Prior to that, Tim has 25 years’ industry experience where his key strengths included defining and implementing market entry strategies and driving growth.

Tim has a strong C-level network across the Public Sector where he has been focussed on driving change, most recently in transforming the delivery of Public Services and leveraging the opportunities to enable digital adoption through the deployment of 5G infrastructure, particularly in regional and local government.

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Intelligent Care – breaking down the barriers between health and social care

28 June 2018 The January Cabinet reshuffle saw Jeremy Hunt adding long-term care funding responsibility to his health portfolio and gaining a minister of state for health and social care. It was a market that, once again, government is trying to sort out issues that have confounded all parties for decades Thi ...

Digital transformation – what it is. And isn’t.

27 June 2018 Let’s start with the easy bit – what digital transformation isn’t. It’s not councils buying a bunch of digital technologies and adding a second layer to existing processes and systems. That’s digital replicating analogue, expensively. Yes, it works – after a fashion – but it’s inelegant, unwieldy ...