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Richard Lush

With over 25 years of experience in designing, building, protecting and infiltrating some of the most secure systems in the world, Richard is helping to lead the development of Cyber Security Offerings that keep our clients secure and help them stay ahead of their competition and the bad guys.

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Helping defend against a 30,000% increase in phishing attacks related to COVID-19 scams

15 September 2020 This blog discusses the increased phishing surge in March, as the Coronavirus pandemic was getting a foothold globally, Cyber threat actors started to leverage an opportunity with a surge in phishing emails that played on people’s fears.

Considerations when buying managed security services

08 January 2019 The trend towards organisations of all shapes and sizes buying managed security services continues to increase and we’re seeing the rise of interest from all sectors. Is it any wonder? Access to the best talent, products and intelligence can be expensive and difficult to manage for a single ...