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Jerry Norton

As of October 2019 Jerry Norton is CGI’s Global Industry Lead responsible for shaping CGI’s response to the strategic issues facing global industries in the commercial sector.  Prior to that Jerry was CGI’s global banking and payments lead, jointly responsible for CGI’s strategy across the banking industry and was a member of CGI’s Banking Industry Cabinet and its Growth Council, which governs CGI’s global $2bn plus financial services business. He now leads the team performing equivalent roles across all CGI designated global industries and oversees CGI’s global industry governance model.

Jerry’s in depth knowledge of a number of industries and long-standing, close relationships with clients all over the world puts Jerry in a unique position to guide the overall strategy for CGI’s global industries.

He specializes in industry wide change whether led by business or technology and his views are sought by clients world-wide. Jerry brings a combination of strategy, domain expertise and technology stewardship coupled with an understanding of compliance, regulation and operational risk prevention and management.  He has been a regular presenter at international conferences on the major financial services themes of the day, is a contributor to a number of think tanks, and is often quoted in the mainstream and trade media. He is now focusing on cross industry initiatives, particularly the journey to net zero and how CGI’s clients will be adapting their businesses.

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