In this session we will discuss how we have used modern delivery frameworks and toolsets to bring underlying data to life enabling Local Authorities and School Teachers to monitor and track pupil performance throughout the school year.

Summary Takeaways:

  • Understanding of how we have used Agile to bring two very different cultures together.
  • How we have used technologies such as Azure, CI\CD, open source JS frameworks such as Node and Angular to deliver an extendable platform which users can build on.
  • Objective measures of the value and benefits stakeholders are now seeing through using the application.
  • How teachers and LAs are now beginning to use the platform to drive decision making.

Combining Agile delivery approach with modern tooling can be a powerful combination that allows delivery at pace and which can be truly transformational in terms of value to the customer. Even so, familiar challenges still need to be overcome: Differences in culture, expectation and technical constraints for example.

This is a case study of where by applying the right level of pragmatism, trust and collaboration together can enable a leap forward in terms of value to the customer and which can fundamentally alter how Education departments operate.

Speaker bio: 

Peter Dale is a Delivery Director and Head of CGIs Innovation Centre in Glasgow. Peter has led a significant number of projects in his 15 years industry experience, ranging from small scale Proof of Concepts through to highly complex programmes of work for blue chip organisations. He is particularly passionate about how Agile concepts combined with modern tech stacks can be used to empower customers and to deliver greater value and outcomes.

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