Working together to deliver Scotland's Digital Future

Back in Glasgow for its second year, FutureScot's flagship annual event is for people interested in building Scotland’s reputation as a global digital hub for creative, inclusive technology serving the public good.

CGI is proud to sponsor the conference by hosting a knowledge exchange Masterclass focused on its work in the digital space and emerging technologies. CGI Vice President Alan Dickie will present the Masterclass outlining Digital Transformation alongside Edinburgh City Council’s Nicola Harvey.

Digital Scotland 2019 brings together the best minds in technology to spark new interactions and drive innovation in the spaces between government, business and academia.


Digitalisation is inevitable, and it’s important for all organisations to get on the right path. In CGI’s knowledge exchange Masterclass, we will measure the effectiveness of digital transformation in modernising government and public services

There is an urgent trend towards digital transformation with a focus on driving insight, experience and value. CGI recognises that technology is only part of the answer. The promise of digital requires transformation across organisation, business model and technology.


The scope of emerging technology is vast and continues to evolve. CGI delivers a wide range of emerging technology solutions to clients every day. In the knowledge exchange Masterclass, we will explore the importance of helping clients make strategic investments that bring ideas to life and achieve scale, innovation and support clients to adapt.

Throughout the conference, there will be opportunities to network. Over the lunch break, delegates can network with fellow delegates, network with exhibitors and attend campfire sessions run by Scotland’s professional technology organisations and representative bodies.