As a long-standing member of Energy UK, the GB trade association for the UK energy industry, CGI regularly sponsors breakfast briefings as well as important industry events such as the Energy UK Annual Conference.

The next Energy UK breakfast briefing, entitled “Transforming Talk into Action: Delivery in the whole system value from Flexible Services” will take place on Thursday 5 September, where we will be discussing what needs to be done to enable the GB market to move beyond a rhetoric about smart flexible energy systems and into realisation of value for customers.

Rich Hampshire, CGI’s VP Future Utilities will facilitate the debate with a panel of industry and academic experts. Under the context of CGI’s 2017 Energy Flexibility White Paper, the recommendations of the Energy Data Taskforce, and a continuing overhaul of GB flexibility markets and network charging arrangements, the panel will discuss the hurdles that remain for the UK flexibility market to flourish and what more needs to be done to achieve that end.