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    Hi William,

    Yes, absolutely agree that cyber security needs to be baked in, not bolted on. We aspire to make security part of every project we undertake and every service we provide. Not every customer wants to consider security at the outset, partly because security is still often seen as an expense that can be avoided. The reality is, as we all know, that security is an essential part of any digital service and that underspending on security will cost you in the long run. I would wholeheartedly recommend creating a security role in every team, for every project, simply to get the security thinking done early. Whether that role is internal or external depends entirely on the level of expertise that exists within your organisation – don’t be afraid to get help if you need it. Good cyber security can be a great enabler, rather than an obligation, if you get it right from the outset.

    Matthew Grisoni

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