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Many organisations are challenged to keep pace with a rapidly changing digital world. In order to be successful in an increasingly competitive landscape, organisations must be able to respond and adapt quickly to changing business needs, or risk falling behind competition that is more agile.

With many organisations planning a move to cloud to meet such demands, having a clear Cloud Strategy becomes a critical part of the journey.

At CGI, we often hear “Cloud-First is our strategy” but without the expertise and experience to create a clear cloud strategy that aligns an organisation’s people, processes and technology, it can be difficult for organisations to know where to begin. 

Whether just starting on a journey to Cloud, or revisiting a current deployment, CGI Technology Advisory Services provides organisations with independent advice and guidance, helping organisations define an optimal cloud strategy and ultimately, achieve more successful business outcomes in the cloud.


  • A vision statement and strategy that the whole organisation will follow to ensure success
  • Business Strategy alignment on cloud execution
  • Future-Proof Business Service Model
  • The execution of a reusable Cloud Framework tuned to your enterprise
  • Set up and management of a Cloud Centre of Excellence
  • Improved stakeholder engagement
  • Cloud Maturity enablement and recommendations for future roadmap
  • Connecting in cloud terms all aspects of true Cloud DevOps and DevSecOps via CI/CD pipeline
  • Access to CGI experts with in-depth experience of each cloud technology area and delivery experience.

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To find out more about CGI Technical Advisory Services please contact Adrian Chiffi or Roy Farr.