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If you are finding that your desired SIAM results have not been fully realised and are not cost effective, you are experiencing disjointed end-to end services, lack of flexibility and your current model is not delivering the desired outcomes, CGI can help you with a SIAM Maturity assessment. We will look at all aspects of your current organisation, including internal capabilities, and identify areas for improvement, cost efficiencies and opportunities for innovation.

Our SIAM Consultants can delivery:

  • SIAM Strategy & Business Change
  • SIAM Readiness Assessments
  • Future Operating Model design
  • SIAM and Tower Procurement support
  • SIAM Implementation



  • Enable you to deliver and sustain the outcomes you expect from transformational change through better  control and leverage of your IT ecosystem
  • Provide clear understanding of roles and responsibilities, with a shared vision of targets and defined  measurement parameters, to avoid and eliminate potential gaps or overlaps
  • Maximise stakeholder and supplier cooperation, collaboration and transparency to deliver integrated  business support services
  • Manage programme risk effectively with robust governance to achieve greater certainty of outcomes
  • Gain actionable management information through integrated service management tools and processes,  supporting continual improvement
  • Support your organisation to grow and develop its own capabilities: where you need help, for as long as  you need it
  • Enhance focus on the commercial construct to ensure value from an outcome driven model, enabling future  re-investment and/or cost optimisation


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To find out more about interim Staff Augmentation please contact Alistair Philpott or Frieda Morton-Evans.