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It’s almost certain that over the years your application portfolio has grown larger and more complex whilst keeping up with your business. It’s also almost just as certain that there are more than a few existing and new Oracle applications in the mix.

So depending on your plans for the future, it would be of benefit to evaluate new options, commit to new upgrades, or consolidate diverse portfolios. Whatever your plan, we would like to help make sure your business is getting the most value from your investment in Oracle and Fusion Applications?

CGI’s Oracle Fusion Roadmap Service

Our Oracle Fusion Roadmap takes the hassle out of navigating the future of your Oracle ERP and Oracle technologies. Our team of highly experienced Oracle consultants provide guidance and deliver a plan which breaks down the steps you need to take to move toward Oracle Fusion. We can provide estimates and costs and the other material you need to build a business case that will justify your investment.

So, what is Oracle Fusion?

Oracle Fusion is Oracle’s new generation of enterprise technologies, applications, and services that will help you cut costs and increase business agility.

Why do you need it?

It depends on your application portfolio strategy. If you choose to move to the Fusion applications you stand to benefit from new applications and latest functionality enhancements. We can advise on the changed application functionality, data storage, technology stack, methods of customisation and integration considerations.

Two easy steps and you're on your way to your Destination
Our roadmap is not a ‘blue sky’ discussion document. It outlines the costs of every step that you need to take over the next three years to get the best out of your Oracle ERP applications. Written specifically for individual organisations, no two roadmaps are the same.

For example, for companies that need heavily customised reports, we hold business intelligence (BI) Publisher workshops with your development staff to make it easy to transition to the Fusion reporting technologies. Our SOA experts also tailor workshops for your unique needs for custom integration requirements, training or other knowledge transfer activities

What do you get?

  • Initial assessment
  • Options briefing paper
  • Roadmap Plan
  • Roadmap deliverables with estimates, resource requirements and costs
  • Benefits statement including any cost savings for use in your business case