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Across industries, as budgets continue to shrink, the HR function is under increasing pressure to do more with less. This includes finding smarter ways to work, achieving more with the same number of (or fewer) employees, improving efficiency and meeting employee demands for a better experience. However, on a daily basis, most HR employees are occupied with highly manual, repetitive tasks like sifting through résumés, consolidating timesheets, creating reports and dealing with multiple forms that lead to handoffs, causing delays in the end-to-end process. The outcome: instead of adding strategic value to the organisation, the HR department is engaged in “processing” activities that are more transactional than tactical.

At CGI, we use our Intelligent Automation Framework to help clients identify and apply the right automation technologies to advance their HR digital agenda. Our intelligent automation (IA) services enable the automation of manual tasks and routine business processes across the majority of HR functions ranging from recruitment, on-boarding and off-boarding, and learning and development to absence management, data management and retirement.

Through the right mix of artificial intelligence, robotics, CGI-developed intelligent automation IP, third-party tools and advanced analytics, we help you automate every day, high-volume, transaction-based tasks, freeing up skilled resources to engage in high-value work and increase productivity.

Key benefits include:

  • Leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) and semantic artificial intelligence technology to identify and attract prospective “right-fit” employees in line with the organisation’s strategic objectives
  • Managing on-boarding and off-boarding quickly and easily
  • Transforming the employee experience by using chatbots to answer queries, address problems or provide value-added information related to training programs, holidays etc., in real time
  • Improving accuracy of data and providing a single view of data across disparate systems
  • Managing employee information and records, and validating data internally and externally
  • Supporting career development by personalising training courses, facilitating mentorship programs and ensuring effective succession planning
  • Automatically handling absence management to manage and reduce absenteeism
  • Running reports automatically
  • Applying continuous process improvement 

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