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From science fiction to everyday fact

As the ‘novelty’ of smart speakers is replaced by usefulness and seamless customer interaction, businesses are beginning to harness the power of these devices and realise the business benefits.

Over a quarter of the UK population now own a smart speaker. Over 100M Amazon Echo devices have been sold globally. UK commerce through voice is estimated to top £3 billion by 2022 and improvements in technology mean that voice transcription accuracy is now at the same level as humans.  

Smart virtual assistants deployed in the right way tackle the principle challenges faced by business today. Operational efficiency, customer experience, employee experience and data can all be addressed. Even the adoption of the technology itself flags your brand as innovative and thought leading. 

Through deployment of a voice skill you could reduce the ‘hold’ time for your customers – often used by call handlers to manually look information on administration systems – and give customers a far more modern ‘instant’ response to queries while giving them the ‘best’ experience consistently. All of this while achieving significant savings over human call centres.


We think that there are 4 key areas of business benefits and opportunities as below for utilising voice technology:-

  • Improved customer experience
  • Customer insight and upsell
  • Call centre efficiency and cost
  • Regulatory compliance

CGI can help introduce you to a new world of opportunity with smart speakers and voice technology at its heart.

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