Core Insurance systems transformation using Guidewire requires a clear focus on business outcomes as well as technical know-how, ensuring you remain ‘at the table’ rather than ‘on the table’.

Insurers, having emerged from the financial crisis, are aware they need to transform their operations to drive efficiencies, to cut costs, to differentiate themselves and to generate sustainable profitable growth. This means far reaching changes enabling business agility; bringing new differentiated products to market, customer and market growth and improvements in efficiency. Importantly, such a programme needs to be delivered on-time and on-budget. As a highly experienced Guidewire implementation and hosting partner, that’s where CGI can help.

With more than 35 years of experience assisting insurers such as Jevco, Frank Cowan, Foresters, Fennia and TryVesta with their core systems transformation, CGI has built a strong reputation for architecting, building, supporting and integrating a diverse range of policy, claims, rating and billing systems.

Our Approach

The Insurance Core Systems Transformation methodology we use is founded on addressing the issues highlighted above. It allows us to jointly focus on delivering the desired business outcomes, as well as getting the technology to work.

Complimenting Core Systems
We utilise CGI’s own IP to compliment Guidewire products to provide a full suite of best-in-class products for your core systems. We advocate use of CGI’s Ratabase and ‘Insurance Information Unlocked’ MIS offering in conjunction with Guidewire to ensure senior management control of Policy, Claims and Billing.

Value Delivered by CGI
CGI can help in many ways, but the below are some key examples of value delivered.

  • CGI customised solution delivered on the claim lifecycle reduction requirement: Claims were processed more than 50% faster
  • CGI architected data model allowed better than expected operational expense savings due to increased automated workflow, integrated digital signage and paperless process
  • Customer Rating of 9.4 (out of 10)
  • CGI’s deep understanding of ClaimCenter assisted in reducing the time required to implement the ClaimCenter product
  • CGI automated several manual tasks which will allow examiners and adjusters to work in an increasingly efficient manner (leading to a reduction in claim processing time