Insurance Information Technology (IT) is facing the perfect storm. In a rapidly evolving, increasingly digital world Insurers are struggling to adapt legacy IT environments to meet market needs. CGI have a proven track record in helping insurance organisations navigate to calmer waters, so the business can excel.

Transformation is needed to achieve business strategy; operational excellence is its key funding mechanism. In the new world, the threat of new entrants comes from previously unforeseen global industries. Competitive advantage comes from ‘Big Data’ and predictive analytics on new and ever-evolving data-sets. New usage-based insurance models and social media act as a key interface to serve customers, manage brand, and influence the experience. All this whilst regulatory and environmental conditions remain dynamic and challenging.

CGI CIO Advisory and IT Strategy consulting have extensive experience of working with insurance companies to support them in transforming the value of IT to the business through;

  • Utilising IT innovation to realise business value
  • Sustainable alignment of IT to support business strategies and needs
  • Definition, sourcing and implementation of the right solutions
  • Improving IT operational effectiveness
  • Provision of comfort to key stakeholders that IT execution strategies and initiatives are valid and effective

Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to transition that recognises that IT is a dynamic part of your organisation that has to maintain a high level of service to the business whilst going through change. We engage through the following logical viewpoints depending on where you are on your journey and what the right balance of change initiatives may be required.

Vision & Innovation
CGI is at the forefront of IT innovation and adoption across industry sectors. We have proven approaches to enable innovation and adoption to fuel your agenda for change.

CGI apply our execution pedigree and proven methodologies to guide you to the right outcomes.

Design, Source and Implement
CGI Consulting takes a technology independent view in the consideration of the best solutions and how to apply them to your challenges. We can support you in the definition of your requirements, identification and selection of the right solution through to full implementation support and/or assurance of delivery.

Optimise Operations
The efficient provision of IT capabilities that meet today’s needs whilst developing tomorrow’s is the conundrum that CGI excel in as a full end to end IT provider. We leverage this deep expertise to challenge you and guide you in enhancing how you execute your IT operations.