The flexible platform for insurance innovation

What’s happening?

Technology is transforming possibilities in the insurance industry, giving insurers more ways to innovate and differentiate their offering. Today, social and mobile technologies are re-shaping the insurance marketplace. With virtual reality, robotics and biosensor technologies nudging into the mainstream, it’s almost impossible to predict what tomorrow will look like.

The pace of change means immense opportunities for insurers introduce new products and services: it should be easier than ever for them to challenge existing business models and drive new efficiencies.

However, many insurers find they are running to stand still. Legacy IT systems – and concerns about the technology-based risk – prevent them from exploring and realising emerging opportunities. Without a robust and flexible platform it’s difficult to move with the speed and confidence it takes to build market leadership.

Our joint response

CGI and 1insurer have come together to deliver an out-of-the-box technology solution that gives UK insurers the platform they need. Evolut1on is a unique service for policy underwriting and claims to simplify and de-risk change in a disruptive market.

Evolut1on is built on robust Microsoft Azure cloud computing architecture to deliver the levels of reliability, speed and security demanded by critical business processes.

The Benefits

CGI and 1insurer take care of the technology issues around insurance platforms, leaving insurers free to focus on strategic leadership and competitiveness.

  • Out of the box with everything insurers need to carry out day-to-day policy underwriting and claims transactions.
  • Agile de-risked platform built with on the robust Microsoft Azure cloud computing technology.
  • Flexible integration layer makes it fast and straightforward to add new products and services.
  • Pay-as-you-go model aligns costs with usage and ensures insurers can start to benefit from Evolut1on without upfront investment in infrastructure.
  • Modular so insurers can precisely match Evolut1on specifications to current and future business needs.