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Delivering the solution

Today’s organisations need a systematic way to turn data into action.

Digital insights create opportunities from complexity. They’ve become the new currency of business. In an uncertain world, being able to make good decisions swiftly is a big competitive advantage.

Today, businesses need data to tell them not only what’s happened – but also what they should do next. But selecting the right data is a challenge. And using it effectively to influence decisions is the challenge facing all organisations.

That’s why CGI helps organisations do useful things with the data that will fundamentally affect their business.

Opportunity from complexity

Digital insight takes management information, business intelligence, data science and analytics to the next level.

Done well, it can discover gaps in organisations. It can make customers happy, improve products, streamline processes, improve revenue and cut costs.

Digital insight from data is being demanded across the organisation. But to be successful, the focus must be on creating insights that drive value, efficiency and customer experience. CEOs need to understand the market, optimise performance and define the right strategy, and CFOs want to ensure profitability, and predict and prevent impact from external events. CMOs want to reach out to new customers in new markets to grow the business, while COOs want to ensure the business’s assets are used to their optimum capability. Finally, CDOs want to ensure that efficient systems deliver the data analytics needed to continually drive competitive advantages in the market.

CGI designs digital insight solutions that help your business achieve its goals. We think of digital insight as a profit centre – not a cost centre. Our goal is to turn numbers and data into knowledge, delivering real business insights that can be used up and down your organisation to take action and grow your business

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