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Companies are under increasing pressure to minimise costs whilst maximising productivity and engagement of their staff.

Cloud based HR solutions are quick to deploy, easy to use and don’t require big up-front spend. The do however need highly experienced HR consultants to guide customers in how to implement and embed them to provide maximum benefit for the organisation.

CGI’s best practice Cloud HR solution based on SuccessFactors enables organisations to:

  • Quickly deploy a class-leading HR solution without large up-front outlay
  • Cut costs of ongoing HR operations
  • Realise the benefits of user friendly and effective processes accessed via highly intuitive ‘toy-like’ screens
  • Connect employees to business needs and strategy
  • Report and manage Key Results Areas for HR

Our approach helps organisations run a best practice HR function that engages managers and employees.

The Challenge

Are your HR processes stuck at the red light and not able to connect to the new world of mobile and cloud? Is your organisation: connected, social and collaborative – or are your people more techno-savvy than the HR processes and systems you operate? Is keeping up with innovation a real challenge and your HR system expensive to run?

Whether you’re operating a manufacturing, service or public sector organisation you need employees engaged in: what the organisation is trying to achieve; appropriately trained and rewarded. You know if they have to struggle with HR systems to do so, only the most tenacious will succeed.

Our Answer

CGI, with its vast experience of deploying and running HR and Payroll solutions combined with the latest technology from SuccessFactors offers a truly innovative and secure cloud based HR solution. The SuccessFactors HR suite is the industry’s only Cloud HR solution that not only provides comprehensive, integrated HR capabilities, it is specifically designed for ease of use and business execution.

Key Benefits

  • Subscription based, no more large capital expense
  • Lower cost and risk deployment through CGI’s HR framework
  • Efficient run costs as the solution is completely hosted in the ‘cloud’
  • Exploits the investment made by the software vendor with quarterly updates to the core system
  • Class leading usability leading to better embedding of transformed HR processes
  • Completely integrates core HR and Payroll with Gartner top quadrant Talent Management capability
  • Provides intuitive tools to form groups, networks, and share knowledge around business goals.