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The multi-billion Euro fleet fuelling sector is on the brink of a digital revolution that will combine connected technologies with the latest innovations in retail, leisure and finance.  This revolution will see every aspect of the fleet process brought onto a single integrated platform and transform the entire fleet ecosystem.

Last time I looked at the gains that CGI’s Future Fuel Platform could unlock for companies and fleet managers. Here, I focus in on what digital enablement means for the driver.

Fleet drivers are the fuel site operator’s most valuable customers, spending thousands a month on the forecourt. They are also the operator’s most loyal customers with strong upsell potential.   But to realise the value in fleet drivers, and harness the growth potential from convenience retail, fuel site operators need to treat them like customers: recognising them as individuals and rewarding them for their loyalty.

Our Future Fuel Platform fully supports this idea. It will connect together identity, location and transaction data to generate powerful customer insights.  For site operators, these insights are the key for starting deeper relationships with drivers.  For fleet operators, these kinds of insights mean they can deploy their drivers more effectively, meaning fewer delays and speedier journeys, beginning to end.

A warm welcome’s worth a thousand goodbyes

It feels good to be recognised – especially when your work means you’re hundreds of miles from familiar faces.  The Future Fuel Platform will use on board mobile and geo-positioning via beacons, wifi, GPS or inbuilt site technology to let site operators know the identity of a vehicle and driver the moment they roll onto the forecourt.  As they arrive, the driver can be receiving a welcome message from the site operator, directions to the most appropriate pumps and information about on site amenities.

Make a better impression

Paying for fuel and sundries is usually an anonymous transaction – but, armed with customer insights, it becomes an opportunity to acknowledge the driver as an individual, reward their loyalty and make a good impression. The Future Fuel Platform will combine and analyse a range of data such as past purchase history, locations, driver preferences, weather and local news to determine a truly personalised set of offers and information directly to the driver. If you know the driver likes a certain newspaper and a coffee, why not give them the coffee for free to encourage consistent purchasing?  If they’ve not bought screen wash in the last month, why not offer them a discount on their next bottle? 

Get from A to B (without stopping at C)

The Future Fuel Platform can also help fleet managers keep their drivers productive. Today, if a lorry loses a wing mirror it means a trip to the depot or an off-route excursion, a valuable asset off the road, unhappy customers who don’t receive their delivery on time and the driver passing time until they can get back on the move.  In the digitally-enabled future, the driver simply reports a missing mirror via their device to set in motion a process that sees a new mirror delivered and ready to be fitted at the next site on their planned route.

The benefits of digital enablement – putting the driver at the heart­­ of the fleet fuelling - are not limited to drivers. Operators will have new opportunities to promote their services and grow convenience store sales, using customer insights to target the right offers at the right time to the right driver.  These same insights will help operators strengthen relationships with end customers and build brand loyalty.  More efficient communication between all parties will reduce the cost to serve.  In my vision for the future of fleet fuelling, everyone wins.

Learn more about improving your digital customer experience, view our flipbook.

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