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I attended last week’s T-E-N (The Executive Network) Summit in central London on ‘The Customer Journey – Multichannel Customer Engagement. As a speaker at the event, I had an opportunity to speak to a broad audience of senior practitioners on their programmes and initiatives in digital customer engagement – there were some interesting recurring themes

In one of the panel sessions the delegates were invited to raise examples of some of the challenges they are facing as they progress their programmes in this area.  It was interesting to note how many indicated that they continue to grapple with fundamental data integration challenges, and that they are still striving to create an effective single customer view as a basis for insight provision, decisioning and performance measurement.  Most also stated that whilst Omni-channel customer engagement was still a distant future desire – a utopia, even the delivery of basic multichannel integration would be a major step forward.

These views present an interesting perspective on the real day to day challenges that many long establish organisations face as they try to transform their customer engagement capabilities to meet customer expectations in the digital world.  Getting the basics right is still critical for many businesses to deliver business success.

CGI have long held the view that transformation requires more than just the delivery of a shiny new website or a mobile app, most of which simply replicate existing processes.  Transformation necessitates more fundamental changes in the way the business manages its assets (e.g. Customer Data) and its channels.  To deliver a real step change in digital customer engagement necessitates fundamental business, cultural and organisational change – not just shiny new widgets.

How prepared and committed is your organisation and management to deliver transformational customer engagement?

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