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In my last blog I shared my views on the impact of the digital revolution and its far reaching impact on every one of us and the companies we work for.

I read a recent article in the Financial Times about the race to the first true digital bank.  This will /could mean the demise of the high street branch with some banks having no branches at all, operating online, and finding other solutions to meeting their physical requirements.  But in this race to digitise our world, I think we are missing the opportunity to marry the benefits of digital with a more personal service. In the same way that shops are becoming show rooms for their goods, which are then shipped to our homes through click and deliver, is there not a role for the financial institutions to do the same?

Personalisation and being “seen as a person” is key for customers regardless of which channel they use to access information and customer service. Consumers are looking for the “Martini” benefits of digital services – anytime, anyplace, anywhere, but with the human touch.  When customers have a query, whichever channel they use, whether it’s online banking, call centre, web chat or in the bank branch, all their personal details are readily available so when they speak to frontline employees, they are able to provide added value personal to them compared to the online channels. However, we need to remember that personalisation can be achieved in a variety of ways and it needs to appeal to the individual consumer.  Trust remains a core issue to overcome as people seek a personalised human experience through their digital banking partners.

To conclude, the future is digital, but, in my view, it must also be personal. What do you think?


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