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People have been talking about digital transformation to the enterprise front and back office for some time, especially where they are client or citizen facing. Some progress has been made, but you would not necessarily call it transformational on a large scale yet. Well, I think that could soon change.

On a recent Technology Tour of Silicon Valley and a visit to Adobe, we were told of their plans to integrate Acrobat and EchoSign into one service, allowing enterprises to distribute PDFs, have them electronically signed and then ingest the digitally signed file back into their front office and back office systems, initiating a range of automated services. Subsequent integration with a wide range of payment processing engines and utility based pricing models will take it one-step further, providing enterprises with the enablers that will fundamentally change how enterprises interact with consumers and citizen ad given.

However, digital transformation is not just about digital forms and digital signatures. In the short term, mobile channels are essential to doing business in today’s world, being able to engage and transact with your audience when and where they want to, and on their device of their choice. This is relatively easy if you are starting with a blank sheet of paper with a new web and mobile site, but few of us are. What if you already have a comprehensive website and do not just want to throw it away. This is where companies live MoovWeb, another company from my Technology Tour, comes in. Their technology allows you to to transform any existing web asset, like your WWW website, into a feature rich, device optimized experience. Their process begins with your existing web asset, using the business logic and connections to the back end to create html, java script and other content to automatically create a mobile experience for end users, with minimal coding required.

So, let’s assume you have implemented electronic forms, signatures, mobile and even interaction with consumers via social channels, what next?

Mass Customisation

Mass Customisation is the ability to provide consumers with the ability to personalise the products and services they receive in to a service that meets their own personal need rather than the needs of many. Many organisations already have websites that dynamically change the content presented to end users based upon their profile or cookies, but in the near future, this customisation will go one-step further, with end users choosing the features of a service they want to use, when they want to use it and even how they will pay for that service.

Wherever you are on this journey, you will not be at the end, probably just at the end of the beginning.

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