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One Tool to Rule Them All

How Oracle Fusion Run and Operate can help you.

Lunchtime, Tuesday 22 February, 2011. In Christchurch, New Zealand the residents are going about their normal business, enjoying the post Christmas lull before the tourist season gets underway. At 12:51pm, six miles south of the city centre, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck, shaking the already weakened foundations of the city’s infrastructure.

For Pyne Gould Corporation’s five storey 1960s office building the tremors were too much. The structure crumbled, folding inwards around a central shaft, trapping hundreds of office workers in the rubble. Dr Stuart Philip, a Brisbane-based urological surgeon, was in the city for a conference and knew it was time to act. Armed with nothing but a Swiss Army Knife, Dr Philip began five gruelling hours of crawling through debris to get to the survivors. Using the tool, he was able to perform a range of tough operations that ultimately saved lives.

Invented by a Swiss knife-maker in 1891, the multi-tool has enjoyed longstanding popularity. During the 1880s, the Swiss army had been using their standard issue pocket knives for all manner of uses including disassembling their rifles and opening canned food. When Karl Elsener, owner of a surgical instrument company, won the contract to redesign the knife, he built in attaching tools either side of the handle using a special spring mechanism. His company grew to become Victorinox which continues to manufacture the knives today.

Modern variants of the humble Swiss Army Knife now include USB flash drives, digital altimeters, LED lights, and laser pointers. In 2006, the company created ‘The Giant’; a tool that encompasses every implement the company has ever made. It’s even been recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most multifunctional penknife.

Its popularity stems from the fact that it’s a tool that allows you to be ready for anything. Every knife is manufactured the same, with the same set of tools, but as Dr Philip proved, there are hundreds of different uses.

In the world of IT, it’s this multi-tool approach that allows for more effective, creative and innovative computing solutions, and it’s the same approach we’ve used when creating Oracle Fusion Run and Operate. It enables you to offer your own Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution, combining factory-style productivity with a nimble, innovative approach. It means you can adapt to change easily, using the best tools for the job when you need them.