CGI UK has once again signed up as headline sponsor of the Digital Insurance Collective – a group of ‘Digital Activists’ brought together to help the UK Insurance industry to “inject a passion for all things digital into the heart of the insurance industry”.

Post – the online news source for the insurance industry - set up the Digital Insurance Collective in 2016 with the aim of helping the insurance industry to re-define itself as digitally innovative. Making up the collective are a group of digital activists who have been championing the digital revolution in their own corners. As well as CGI signing up for a second year to be the headline sponsor for the collective, CGI’s Neil Sadler, our UK VP Insurance, is also one of the activists.

The group meet regularly to debate the state of the digital insurance nation, tackling the barriers preventing insurance businesses from fully operating in the digital world.

Our involvement is evidence of our ongoing work and commitment in this sector and we look forward to lively debate and dynamic digital change within the sector.

Further information on the collective can be obtained from: