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The 5G lab will feature the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) solution that provides secure industrial-grade private wireless networks with local edge computing capabilities to accelerate the deployment and digitalisation potential of 5G.

CGI CarnotSat will enable the accelerated delivery of 5G, reduce the cost of rolling out large scale and rural networks, and support the provision of new hybrid applications such as connected cars

Our Cyber Escape experience comes to Cheltenham this month as part of a UK-wide tour. The escape room-style experience, which is at All Saints’ Academy, will give pupils the opportunity to learn about online security risks in a fun and...

Our will help enable the MOD’s vision of a single all-domain Intelligence Mission Management System that is fully integrated across the UK Defence Intelligence Enterprise and with key allies.

CGI will help Shell to grow its Fleet Solutions business by continuing to modernise its end-to-end mobility management and fuel payments platform

Supporting the Greater London Authority (GLA) to count 10.6 million votes easily and quickly with an electronic vote counting platform.

Led by Airbus in the UK and involving the UK Space Agency (UKSA) and other ESA member states, TRUTHS will help deliver improved confidence in Earth Observation data gathered from space and the critical forecasts driven by this data.

ECLIPSE is an integrated and accessible system with intuitive and easy-to-use software which operates on one database to enable the best targeting of health and social care services

The UK Challenge is an exciting and challenging team building event that brings together diverse teams from leading organisations.