Increasing revenue generation and driving cost reductions through innovation

Our unique real-time payment solution delivers fiscal benefits to the retail market through cost reductions, while enabling increased market share and revenue generation through innovative software technologies.

WM-card is a real-time payment solution for the retail market, providing the opportunity to move all payment processing to a single platform. The immediate benefit can be seen in the reduction of operational costs.

Our solution delivers functionality across all aspects of card payment processing and customer account management. The solution is a set of “building blocks” configurable to meet any customer requirement, handling credit and debit cards, charge cards, loyalty and bonus cards, prepaid cards, smart cards and co-branded cards.

Through technological and business innovation, WM-card enables the retailer to deliver new product initiatives quickly and cost-effectively. By interpreting detailed real-time transaction data, WM-card makes it possible to target rewards that reflect actual behavior and preferences. Instant rewards or vouchers delivered to a smartphone app or special, location-based promotional deals can be offered through a reward program or in the form of discounts.

WM-card is flexible, simple, and easy to use. Forget confusing data ownership, information duplication and the knowledge gaps caused by diverse technologies and platforms. WM-card products capture comprehensive demographic information from the transaction data and process it using a variety of CRM, ERP and OLAP tools and services.

Experience and expertise

  • We have over 25 years experience in payment solutions, and our services are today delivered to 28 countries
  • WM-card processes over 750 million transactions each year
  • WM-card manages over 1 million fuel cards and 1.2 million prepaid- or gift cards