Solutions for defining your business and managing your accounts

CGI’s RFS360™ Banking offers rich functionality to help you design your financial institution and effectively manage your cash dispensing, teller, online and call center banking activities. It’s comprised of the following two key solutions:

RFS360™ Designer – Build your institution

  • Define your financial institution and branches

  • Define your product and services (classification, specific products, benefits, base rates)

  • Set defaults (define fields and default values)

  • Select and activate features and functions

  • Define general conditions and business rules

RFS360™ Production – Comprehensive cash dispensing and teller functionality

  • Account creation and maintenance (for demand, registered, term, loan and mortgage accounts)

  • Transactional banking, including automated transfers

  • End-of-day balancing and automated postings

RFS360™ Banking is easy to implement and highly scalable to address evolving business needs. It also can be integrated with CGI’s HORIZON Financial Suite, as well as third-party solutions, enabling you to build a robust, custom solution to meet your unique business needs.

RFS360™ Banking is supported 24/7 by a dedicated CGI team and continuously evolved to keep up with industry changes, particularly in the area of regulatory compliance. In addition, new RFS360™ Banking releases are quickly integrated, enabling you to immediately begin using new functionality.