Träffa Nimitha, som kom från CGI Indien till CGI Sverige för snart två år sedan. Nimitha arbetar som Business Controller hos oss och delar här med sig av hur hon ser på flytten från Bangalore till Stockholm. Intervjun är utförd på engelska.

Hi Nimitha, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Nimitha, som arbetar som Business Controller, ler in i kameran.
Nimitha D Thingalaya

My name is Nimitha D Thingalaya from India, Bangalore. I did my schooling from Xaviers High School in Mumbai and then moved to Bangalore for my Bachelors and post-graduation in Financial and Mangement Accounting. My fields of expertise are financial analysis, reporting and communication.

What made you decide to move to Sweden? 

I had visited Sweden for business meetings several times to transfer knowledge, and loved the warm hearted people and the work culture. When I was told about an open position for Business Controller in Sweden, I seized at the opportunity.

What have you been up to since working at CGI Sweden?

I got to work as Business Controller and in areas of Integration & Financial Planning and Analysis. I am very pleased with the various roles and opportunities offered by CGI.

In India, we are told what to do; in Sweden, we are expected to do without being told.

What do you like most about your role at CGI?

CGI offers its members rewarding career opportunities and it is the culture I am proud of. The best part is working with great minds and striving for excellence. I enjoy partnering with global teams and creating an impact.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering moving to another country for work?

Moving to another country opens up another dimension supporting personal and career growth.

Lastly, is Sweden how you expected it to be?

Not really! I never expected the people to be so friendly and accepting and I am impressed with their strong sense of work ethics. In India, we are told what to do; in Sweden, we are expected to do without being told and I enjoy the freedom to express myself. And, I do love the Swedish coffee breaks (fika)!