CGI’s integrated public space management (IBOR) solution helps increase safety and improve energy efficiency. Watch the video to learn more about how CGI is helping clients build smarter cities with this solution.
Realizing the full value of IoT requires a business-led approach that focuses on creating financial benefit and competitive advantage. CGI’s approach guides you through the steps involved, and helps you define and achieve your IoT objectives.

Working in the IoT space since it first emerged, we understand there are four keys to IoT adoption:

  • Operational efficiency - Access to near real-time operational data helps eliminate waste

  • Optimized supply chain - Remote asset monitoring helps identify critical events and automate responses

  • Preventative operational models - Access to a regular stream of event data enables new actionable insights.

  • Innovative service offers - Combining data from sensors and other sources fuels new business models

IoT et Machine Learning - transport


Our portfolio of IoT services includes consulting, systems integration and outsourcing, as well as partnerships with leading suppliers. We’ve developed innovative IoT solutions for a broad range of business areas, including: