This paper examines some of the challenges of working in the global market and the ways that organizations are adapting their operating models to survive and thrive.

We all live, work and seek to thrive in an increasingly competitive global economy. This presents us with many opportunities, as well as many challenges. To compete and win, we must reach across global markets to access new customers in newly wealthy markets. We also need to attract and retain the best talent at the right price in global labor markets, so that we can be competitive with our products and services.

Meeting these challenges requires significant planning and investment. Yet, for enterprises that are in the business of providing services to customers, this is just half of the equation.

We must also harness the benefits of what the global economy provides and channel these into personalized services delivered at the local level. We need to be the alchemist who transforms global into local.

At the same time, as we source or operate the supply side of our enterprise in multiple local locations across the globe, we must find a way to do this so that consistent results are achieved wherever we operate in the world. In this case, we need to be the alchemist who transforms local into global.

Doing this successfully may require some fundamental changes in how we run our business and the way in which we work with our suppliers.