Driving innovative new services through data

At the heart of the CGI OpenGrid360 solution suite is the CGI OpenGrid Foundation master data management and integration layer that pulls enterprise data from multiple core systems and serves it to the network data model. Once in place, network owners / operators can more rapidly deploy in-house or third-party applications to: launch new services for consumers, prosumers and other market parties; improve the use of network assets; provide network flexibility services; and work more collaboratively in managing consumer-generated electricity.

Example CGI OpenGrid360 business applications 

CGI has developed a data insight application on top of the OpenGrid Foundation and is building numerous others. Following are example profiles of business applications for outage response and customer experience management, with a focus on construction project management and prosumer grid management.

Outage response

Utilities have a strong need to provide accurate information to customers and other stakeholders during an outage. The CGI OpenGrid360 Outage Response application detects outages and automatically reroutes electricity to avoid power loss. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning help analyze relevant operational data (e.g., service, outage, field and distribution management) to prioritize and auto-dispatch restoration efforts based on resource location, outage size, duration, etc. 

Customer experience

Utilities’ customer relationships are changing rapidly from one-way to two-way models. CGI OpenGrid360 business applications enable utilities to work more collaboratively with and provide better insight to their commercial and residential customers. Here are two examples:

  • Construction Project Management: Large construction projects such as shopping center and housing developments rely upon utilities for accurate project status to commence and continue work. These projects involve ecosystems of subcontractors, employees and neighborhoods that depend on the information as well. This system and portal facilitate communication about accurate and timely utility-related information for commercial construction projects.
  • Prosumer Grid Management: Growth in distributed energy resources (DERs) requires greater visibility of customer-owned assets and their potential interconnection impact on utility-owned infrastructure. CGI OpenGrid Foundation integrates both internal and external network data to improve decision-making for grid control. This positions a utility to become more of an energy advisor with a customer engagement platform that supports a franchise approach to managing consumer-generated electricity while aligning with regulatory requirements for data protection and legislative objectives for a carbon-neutral grid model.

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