CGI has different types of involvement in the Oil Industry payment and loyalty area, and develop its own-software solutions, tailored to a client requirements.

For more than a decade, CGI has been developing our own payment solution software, PayPartner360, particularly aimed at the Oil Industry. PayPartner360 provides an integrated payment processing platform covering both Front End (authorisation, switching, capturing and settlement) and Back End (issuing, pricing and invoicing) in modular, but integrated system.

The PayPartner360 solution is deployed on a HP NonStop system which guarantees continuous availability, fast response times and data integrity together with a high degree of security provided by the HP Atalla security processor.

Users of the system benefit from the on-going enhancements and the conformance to payment industry standards - CGI work closely with various standards committees, particularly IFSF & PCI, to ensure full compliance.

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In 2006, Logica acquired WM-data’s Nordic operation to become one of the largest consulting houses in the Nordic area with over 10000 employees and in the summer of 2012, CGI, headquartered in Montreal Canada, acquired the operation. The CGI Nordic operation continues to be headquartered in Sweden with sales and support offices across Scandinavia and Finland.

The CGI Card Solutions division is based in Oslo, Norway, and delivers payment solutions principally for the Downstream Oil market segment, globally. We have been building card payment system solutions since 1979 and have extensive experience in designing systems for the retail and financial card services market with systems implemented across Scandinavia, Europe, Asia/Pacific and South America.