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With almost 40 years in the industry, CGI Space is a growing business with exciting projects and prospects across the Navigation, Security, Earth Observation and Satcoms domains.

CGI Netherlands is involved in the Galileo project, the European satellite navigation program. We take care of the design and development of security systems, end-to-end testing and translation into practical applications. We are also constantly working on new services in the field of earth observation and satellite navigation. In this way we contribute to a safer society with a "down to earth" approach.



December 15th, 2020

We will be holding two rounds in this event where you can participate in the following topics: Earth Observation, Galileo/EGNOS, S-TrackS and GSA. Down below you can read more about these topics.

Register for the topic you would like to know more about. You can register for a maximum of 2 topics, some presentations will therefore run in parallel.


Earth Observation

In the Space Data Services Team we work with satellite data on a daily basis. Data acquired from satellites can be used to monitor things like coastal erosion, atmospheric chemistry and land usage. Users of such data are extremely diverse - from scientists to governments, meteorologists, water boards, insurers, geologists, urban and transport planners, and defense - to name a few.

So how do we take the huge quantities of raw satellite data and turn it into meaningful, actionable insight?

Satellite data is rarely used in isolation; it is typically blended with terrestrial data, which provides further challenges in terms of calibrating and combining different data sources to give an accurate picture. Integrating our expertise in optical, spectral and radar data with GIS and AI techniques, we can tailor a wide range of services and consultancy to the clients requirements, enabling the client to add value to their processes with the remotely collected information.



Galileo is Europe’s own global navigation satellite system, providing a highly accurate, guaranteed global positioning service under civilian control. Galileo is interoperable with the American GPS and the Russian Glonass.

For this leading European space system CGI Netherlands provides several services. With a team of about 35 people we develop and maintain software for several Key Management Facilities that encrypt and secure signals that are transmitted between the Galileo satellites and ground stations.

In addition to this security service, we build and maintain a simulation and development platform for the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS). The use of EGNOS highly improves the accuracy of the positioning fix based on the use of a geostationary satellite and ground stations.



Many tracking & tracing activities rely on public satellite navigation signals, such as GPS. These signals are easy to reproduce on earth, so that a receiver's position can be moved to another location just like that. This is called “spoofing”.

Secure Tracking Services (S-TrackS) is CGI's authentication and fraud detection solution for tracking activities. For this, S-TrackS uses Galileo, the European satellite navigation system which contains an extremely reliable and safe signal; the Public Regulated Service (PRS) signal. This secure signal cannot be used for fraud, in contrast to the vulnerable open signals currently used. This is important for example tracing vehicles, people and/or objects.



The GSA (European Global Navigation Satellite System Agency - soon to be renamed to EUSPA) is responsible for a number of activities. Most important are the monitoring of the security of the Galileo system and the offering and managing of the point-of-contact for the PRS services to Galileo's end users.

The GSA team is a group of approximately 20 CGI consultants. Not only from the Netherlands, but also from France and the Czech Republic.

We provide the GSA with expertise on both security and PRS. From our office in Rotterdam studies are carried out to enhance and improve GSA's security. On-site in St. Germain-en-Laye, Prague and Fucino where our consultants work directly with GSA staff and support them with their day-to-day business.


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Earth Observation
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Earth Observation
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