Now more than ever the best use of collaborative innovation and emerging technology is core to how you reinvent, grow and sustain your business. This Agile Meetup+ event enables you to accelerate your digital journey, grow and develop as an agile organization driving forward business transformation.


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About the 2023 Agile Meetup+ Event

Agile Meetups for CGI and clients in the South of the Netherlands go back to mid-2018. We’ve set out on a journey to build a community with a clear focus on knowledge sharing, highlighting key trends, developments, and best practices by facilitating sessions around the Agile way of working.

With now over 200 community members and over 30 meetups organized, we decided it’s time to take it to the next level; the Agile Meetup+ Event.

Please register and join our event on the 30th of March online.

‘Embrace Change with Business Agility’

About the program

In this Agile Meetup+ Jurgen Appelo – a well-known Agile thinker, speaker and publisher – will take us along this journey sharing his latest insights & experiences. Together with top Agile transformation experts from various clients this will be further discussed around the table. This event will be live streamed and open for everyone to join!

Meeting details to join live online will be shared in person, after registration.


Welcome & introduction

Keynote ‘Embrace Change with Business Agility’ by Jurgen Appelo


Round table discussions

led by Joost van Keulen, Director Communications at CGI

Interaction live online with audience

You will have the opportunity to bring in questions and share your thoughts, talking about Organization Change & Digital Transformation, Agile Leadership and Continuous Innovation & Customer Experience, and how these topics apply to your organization.


Wrap up

by Jurgen Appelo


End of Live Online event


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We would like to ask and encourage you to share this opportunity to join with those relevant in your network!

As a local Agile community we’re here to collaboratively inspire and help accelerate digital journeys impacting both customer and employer experience. So join in and become part of our growth and development as a community, driving future business agility transformation.

See you on the 30th of March!

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