Physical objects or 'assets' often work independently and with their own protocols and operating systems. Interoperability is often lacking, and you cannot manage them as an integrated system. If there might be a defect, you will have to inspect most assets on site. And how much energy does your lighting and other critical infrastructure or industrial assets actually consume ... you just have to estimate.

What if you are in control?

Not only would that make our public and industrial environment safer and much more efficient to work and live in, it would also save cost, valuable time and energy. IBOR, CGI's innovative solution for the integrated management of the environment, connects all dynamic assets which gives you the integral control with best-in-class service.

Potential, for a safer environment

In case police or emergency services have to respond, it could be critical that they have direct control over relevant assets. IBOR enables transfer of control to, for example a regional control room. From there, bollards, bridges and traffic lights can be controlled to allow emergency services take care of an incident quickly and unhindered.

Potential, to save or flexibilize cost

With IBOR, you save on time and money spend on street lighting, pumps and pumping stations, integration of management systems, maintenance and equipment as well as energy

Potential, for future innovation

Our solution makes today’s concepts such as smart cities a reality. All municipalities, provinces, (air) ports, public transport infrastructure operators as well as the rest of the industry can reap the benefits of controlled use of assets, impacting sustainability and current themes such as integrated safety and mobility.

IBOR (CMS) is TALQ-certified and based on open architecture principles and standards, vendor-agnostic, scalable and suitable for secure use by a multitude of public of industrial services or organizational units.

Are your interested?

Would you also like to accelerate digital innovation across your local  asset infrastructure? Then contact us to go through the options, for potential and value we can co-create based on this solution.

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