Our priorities and targets in action

Our commitment

100% of our business units will implement pro bono projects by 2026.

hours volunteered by our members
beneficiaries in our communities


of our business units implemented pro bono projects


Create a culture of innovation to improve the well-being of the communities in which we live and work through the use of technology and the engagement and expertise of our members


Provide our members with the time and resources to support their local social and environmental causes and organizations


Create opportunities to deliver projects that benefit the community through the donation of time, resources and expertise

Actionable innovations

Person with headphones on a laptop - CGI's OpenENT

We leverage our expertise, convinced that technology and innovation play a critical role in enhancing the overall social and economic well-being of our communities.

Supporting local organizations

Consultants with a tablet

Wherever we are in the world, CGI works to recognize the unique needs and realities of our individual communities and provide support.

Member engagement

CGI volunteers serving food

At CGI, we encourage our members to actively participate in activities and projects that enable them to use their skills and expertise to serve communities in need.


Consultants handshake

We prioritize partnerships with clients, while also collaborating with educational institutions and local organizations to advance our priorities.

People participating in Digital Skill Training Lab - Dream Connectors

Dream Connectors is our flagship CSR program.

Launched in 2016 to mark our 40th anniversary, the program supports our commitment to being recognized as a caring and responsible corporate citizen.

Through Dream Connectors, our members demonstrate the positive impact that technology has on our communities.

The program brings together our members from across the world to collaborate for the benefit of local communities.

All projects receive support from us in the form of funding, technology and volunteers.

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