Annette Trenz

Annette Trenz is Head of Industry Business Intelligence and is responsible for shaping and guiding CGI’s response to the strategic growth opportunities facing global industries. In this role, Annette leads a team of senior executives overseeing and managing all CGI-designated global industries. Through thought leadership and informed by insights, she is focused on growing CGI’s business across industries and helping clients implement sustainable digital strategies with agility, and at scale.

Her deep expertise in the process of digital transformation and business agility, and strong client relationships puts her in a unique position to drive the overall strategy for CGI’s global industries. An agile leader and certified design-thinking facilitator, Annette is also a recognized thought leader, providing differentiated market views. She engages with C-level executives on dialogue about the future of economics, speaks at global and local events and nurtures market influencer and collaborator relationships to accelerate CGI’s growth and market awareness.

Prior to this, Annette was the Global Manufacturing Industry Lead, responsible for the strategic design, development and direction of CGI’s global manufacturing business.

Prior to joining CGI in 2019, Annette held several management roles, including managing global P&L’s, and leading senior service delivery managers and global sales excellence teams. She also has been responsible for the development of packaged software solutions for the manufacturing industry. Annette has a broad industrial and technical background, with a specialized focus on the automotive industry (OEM), including supplier side (OES) processes. Before that, she was driving large-scale projects to success. She holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Saarbrücken (Hochschule für Technik & Wirtschaft), Germany and is PMP certified project manager.


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