Empowering organizations to place customers at the heart of their business

CGI Retail Xp360 enables retail and consumer services organizations to overcome today’s top challenges and deliver the following benefits:

  • Enhanced in-shop sales assistance
  • Reduced in-shop waiting times
  • The right offer to the right customer at the right time
  • Seamless, real-time and personalized customer experience
  • Access to stock/replenishment information in real time
  • A 360° view of each customer
CGI Retail Xp360 modules
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Stores Module

Improve product and service deliverability by limiting any disruption in the intention to purchase. Our Stores module helps you to enhance in-store aggility, optimizing stock and receipt management and equiping sales assistants with real-time support.

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Engagement Module

Learn more about customers to anticipate their purchases and develop adapted operations. Our Engagement module helps you to provide your employee with the best tools and secure customer loyalty.

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Customer Module

Provide an improved customer experience by rewarding customers with tailored and personalized messages and offers. Our Customer module helps you to reinvent the customer experience, reducing time spent in check out queues and offering customers in-store support.