CGI Collections360 chosen to deliver customer-centric, debt collection on a single, integrated platform
Avec Collections360 de CGI, notre solution de gestion des processus d’affaires, nous proposons une approche stratégique du recouvrement qui permet d’accroître le rendement du capital investi de nos clients grâce à une performance supérieure aux étapes préliminaires, intermédiaires et finales ...

CGI helps more than 300 organizations turn rising delinquencies into recoveries

In the face of rising payment delinquencies and credit losses, organizations are seeking strategic solutions that not only reduce bad debt but also enhance the collections life cycle to drive operational efficiencies and cost savings. CGI Collections360 brings together software, business processes and IT support to deliver a managed services approach to collections that enables organizations to outsource their collections complexity to CGI, while focusing on their core business

CGI Collections360 provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities that manage and improve the entire default management process. Implementation of any or all of these capabilities is fast and cost-effective through our flexible implementation methodology.

Transforming collections is a core competency of CGI. We offer the know-how and experience your organization needs to turn the business of collections into an ongoing strategic advantage.



CGI Collections360