Le Rapport Perspectives en action 2018-2019 présente les perspectives et les points de vue recueillis lors d’entretiens avec nos clients à l’échelle mondiale ainsi que les solutions novatrices que nous mettons à profit pour les aider à devenir des organisations ...
Eversight est un organisme sans but lucratif dont la mission est de rendre la vue aux gens et de prévenir la cécité grâce aux dons, aux greffes et à la recherche. L’organisme compte sur CGI Notify – une solution numérique ...

Dream Connectors is a global initiative that supports CGI professionals who are making a difference in local communities. Every year through Dream Connectors, we invite all of our professionals to submit project ideas for improving the well-being of their communities, and selected projects receive CGI support, including access to technology, volunteers and funding.

Our professionals submit hundreds of Dream Connector project ideas each year, demonstrating their deep commitment to helping others across the globe. In fact, one of CGI’s core strategic objectives is to serve as a responsible corporate citizen, and Dream Connectors is a key means for achieving that objective.


Dream Connectors also relates closely to the CGI Dream:

To create an environment in which we enjoy working together and, as owners, contribute to building a company we can be proud of."

Dream Connectors logo


Together, CGI professionals are dream connectors, helping to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of local communities through their technology expertise and positive engagement.

Dozens of communities already have benefitted from Dream Connectors since its inception in 2016, and we look forward to supporting many more in the years ahead.