Le rapport Perspectives en action de CGI présente les perspectives et les points de vue recueillis lors d’entretiens avec des dirigeants d’entreprises clientes ainsi que les solutions novatrices que nous mettons à profi t pour les aider à devenir des ...
Les organisations de l’ensemble des secteurs subissent des pressions grandissantes pour lancer rapidement des produits et services concurrentiels afin de répondre aux demandes croissantes des consommateurs et des citoyens. L’innovation et la collaboration sont devenues des capacités d’affaires essentielles et ...


Gain market share by creating a superior customer experience

CGI offers customer experience monitoring and management solutions that comprehensively manage your customers' cross-channel exposure and interaction with your company's brand, products and services. Our portfolio of IP includes:

  • Semantic search and discovery

  • Behavior prediction models 

  • User experience modeling tools and methodologies

  • Real-time customer experience monitoring

  • Real-time customer identification 

Accelerate time-to-market with more agile rating and billing systems

CGI helps CSPs quickly adopt agile business solutions that address their fundamental needs in charging and billing to achieve rapid time to market and high levels of automation and performance. 


convergence security
Drive competitiveness with multi-channel convergence

We transform every aspect of PLM, streamlining product definition, offer configuration and quotation management for today's converged channels.  

communications man using mobile network
Leverage the new "multi-screen world" to gain market share

CGI is a proven and experienced integration partner for IPTV platforms and services.  We provide efficient development of cost-effective and reliable mobile apps and mobility solutions that deliver high user benefits.


Strengthen customer loyalty with better order orchestration and churn management

CGI order orchestration (order management) and churn management solutions and services help CSPs deliver first-class services through faultless order management processes enabling a superior customer experience.

Deliver a superior service while optimizing network resources

CGI empowers you to reap the synergies of convergent networks using insights into the topology and network planning of the fixed fibre network. We provide state-of-the-art solutions to manage your mobile workforce.


Minimize payment defaults, operational risks and disruptions

We help CSPs save millions of dollars through effective billing and assurance solutions that improve customer insight analytics and collections management.

CGI helps CSPs accelerate their digital transformation to gain and retain customers, develop new revenue streams and reduce costs. We focus on the end-to-end needs of our clients, as they move to more customer-centric business models and seek to achieve operational excellence in the digital age.


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