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CGI is a leading provider of analytics and cloud solutions both in Finland and globally. On a daily basis, we reflect with our customers on how we can develop their business to meet rapidly changing needs and increase competitiveness in the market. We have strong experience in the design and implementation of data and analytics solutions in cloud environments, as well as a team of top experts who do customer work with good spirit and sharing best practices.

We are constantly looking for more analytics and cloud services experts to join our interesting projects.

CGI:n työntekijä Eero


Solutions to customer challenges and meaningful work.

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When did you start at CGI? How did you end up working here?

I came to CGI in the spring of 2018. I happened to listen to a podcast about cloud analytics interviewing a CGI cloud architect, and I was immediately intrigued, this is what I want to do.

I wanted to get on with a well-moving cloud train, as in my previous job the cloud analytics was still pretty much in its infancy. Bigdatapump was a pioneer, there were great projects done in a good crew. The startup background also influenced my choice, even though I knew CGI had bought the Bigdatapump. I thought positively that this is now the good side of the startup, supported by the potential of a big company. Shareholding was also a significant addition to the company’s attractiveness. It’s great that employees are being encouraged to own CGI shares. In practice, employees get their shares at half price, a nice bonus on top of pay. And the shareholding reinforces the feeling that I am part of this company.

What kind of work do you do?

I currently work as a cloud architect, in fully cloud-based client projects. I design, develop and maintain data platforms in cloud.

Data is, or at least should be, at the center of almost every industry. I help our customers create data value for their business. In practice, the customer's business needs are translated into technical implementation. At the same time, I also often create an analytics roadmap to achieve the client’s business goal status. In my work, I utilize, for example, databases, advanced analytics, reporting, the necessary additional cloud services - if necessary, a wide range of different technologies and methods.

I enjoy being able to work strongly in the customer interface, combining technical and business perspectives in development in a meaningful way in the customer’s business.

What is the best thing about your job?

Finding solutions to customers’ problems is rewarding. Automation, cloud solutions, the utilization of new technologies bring huge new opportunities.

At its best, data can save lives and reduce CO2 emissions. I do meaningful work!

The advantage of a large company is that we can make the truly best solution for the customer and offer exactly what they need - CGI's range of expertise and solution offerings are diverse, and we have a wide range of both industry and technology expertise.

I can influence my job description myself, which brings meaning and versatility to my working days. In addition to cloud architectural work, I also do sales work, offers and product development, nice additional spices for cloud making. Learning new as technologies evolve also maintains interest. We have a super good team, and are always able to learn something new from colleagues as well.

CGI:n työntekijä Mayank


CGI felt instantly the right place for me to work at.

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When did you start at CGI? And how did you end up working here?

I joined CGI in March 2018. I was looking for a place where I can directly make a positive impact on the lives of people. CGI was offering a position which could help me achieve that through the area of data science.
I applied for the job via LinkedIn. The process was fast and seamless. Right after my interview with my then manager, I instantly knew that this would be the right place for me to work. I had multiple offers in place, but CGI position was the most lucrative.
I knew CGI through Aalto University as CGI was our student guild’s sponsor (Tietokilta), and there were several recruitment fairs at Aalto in cooperation with CGI. 


What kind of work do you do?

I work as a senior data scientist and my projects revolve around predictive analytics, building recommendation systems, computer vision, Natural Language Process (NLP), IoT and deploying those solutions on the cloud. During these past years I’ve worked in more than dozen client environments. 

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is that I am able to work towards my goal of making a positive impact on people. I get to work on all sorts of projects in all sorts of domains giving me a solid experience in the field of data science. Colleagues are super friendly and super helpful. The management makes extra sure the team is happy and not facing problems. I have grown attached to the workplace and during Covid-19 times, I miss going to the office and interacting with my team. 
When I joined, I had the apprehension that everything in CGI was in Finnish, that CGI is purely local company. To some extent it was true but ever since, things have changed a lot, CGI is a lot more a global and international company than I thought, and I have never felt more at home.



CGI:n työntekijä Antti


I enjoy to work long-term together with the client.

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When did you start at CGI? How did you end up working here?

I originally came to Bigdatapump in the fall of 2017 by open search. I had heard of the company nothing but good, and when the previous job didn’t no longer feel like ever lasting relationship, I decided to give it a try. When I was in the interview, I felt like I wanted to be involved in something like this. I got lucky.

CGI's intentions to buy Affecto, and thus also BDP, came to light as soon as I started working here. I’ve been working at CGI before (2008-2014) so I knew roughly how things were going to work, and so I wasn’t worried about the change.

What kind of work do you do?

For the past couple of years, I have been fully employed in developing the client’s cloud analytics platform. My role has been part of the ELT chain, in practice I have taken care of storing the incoming data and processing it into a report. My main job is to understand the client’s business and implement reporting requirements in accordance with defined business rules. The work is done closely and agilely with the client.  

What is the best thing about your job?

Damn good team, great co-workers! The flexibility of the work and the growing industry knowledge with different customers also add valuable value to the work. We have diversity and different ages of experts. The Helsinki office in particular has employees from several different countries, so English is also improving.

We take different personalities well into account, and we also spend time with colleagues in our spare time. And if someone blunders - that's OK too. We are allowed to raise our hand briskly as a sign of error. Everything the unit does is underlined by sharing internal information and best practices, which is done a lot. What better job environment to increase your professional skills.

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