What's the secret for a successful shift towards building a more sustainable business?

Regardless of industry, all companies today face increased pressure to change. One of the key drivers disrupting competitive environments is the accelerated rise of new digital technologies. While these technologies are creating immense new opportunities, seizing these opportunities has proven difficult for most. In fact, according to CGI’s Global Insights study (2019), only 10% of companies trying to transform are producing results at the enterprise level. With success rates this low, we should perhaps ask ourselves is it time to re-think our design for digital transformation.

What then are the companies succeeding doing differently from most? Firstly, they too openly confess that it has not always been smooth sailing. However, through a series of pivots along their learning journey, they have managed to bridge the gaps between business, technology and most of all people. Instead of technology, these organizations are truly unlocking the power of digital by human connections. 

We have an impressive line-up of guest speakers with great stories to tell. If you are keen on increasing your impact and improving the digital transformation odds of your organization, join us at the Impact Summit!




15:30 Doors open & snacks 

16:00 Welcome
Henri Hietala - Director, Business Design, CGI

16:30 Rethinking
Anni Tuominen, Head of growth, Heltti

16:50 The Importance of innovation
Kristian Luoma - Head of OP Lab, OP

17:20 The relation between company culture and data
Nicolas Dolac - Human catalyst, Smartly io

17:40 Cultural change within the organizations
Panu Luukka - Co-founder- Leidenschaft Oy

18.30- Panel
19.00 Networking