CGI will continue to supply payroll management services for the Volvo Group, with approximately 22,000 employees (in Sweden). Since 2001, Volvo Group has outsourced their entire payroll management process to CGI to increase quality and flexibility, and ensure that it maintains a high level of delivery security. This cooperation now continues through the renewed agreement.

Many companies regularly face challenges when it comes to maintaining the competence and staffing of their payroll departments. Particularly challenging periods are holidays, and it can be similarly difficult to secure capacity around the turn of the year and other labor-intensive periods.

The payroll process is rarely seen as a core business function; but, at the same time, the right pay at the right time is a service that employees clearly expect from their employer. From the employer's perspective, payroll administration must therefore run as efficiently as possible, with high predictability and preferably at as low a total cost as possible.

“Volvo Group is an important client and we appreciate our long and fine collaboration. We are pleased that we have renewed our agreement, managing Volvo Group's payroll administration,” says Maria Svedin, Head of Business Development in Payroll and HR at CGI in Sweden.

CGI has long and deep experience in operating our clients' payroll administration—either completely or partially—with or without taking over staffing responsibilities.

CGI's clients in Sweden vary in size, from some of the most well-known industrial groups to small and medium-sized businesses. CGI's long and deep experience in payroll management ensures that our client’s payroll management process is safe and efficient, and that we always deliver what employees expect—the right salary at the right time.