CGI Advantage ERP

Why CGI?

Built-for-government solutions

CGI is the only leading independent IT and business process services company that develops, implements, supports and hosts integrated ERP software exclusively for government. Where other ERP solutions are built for the commercial sector with layers added for the public sector, CGI’s ERP software suite is built for government for superior fit. In addition, 100 percent of our ERP software investments are focused on public sector needs, and our clients play a significant role in product direction.

“After a rigorous evaluation of more than 40 vendors, it was clear that CGI Advantage ERP remains the best fit for the County of Ventura with the most built-for-government functionality. The success of our long-term partnership with CGI, access to their specialized expertise and their single accountability for both the product and implementation also were compelling factors.”

Christine L. Cohen, Auditor-Controller,
County of Ventura, California

Single-provider accountability

Clients can benefit from CGI’s role as a one-stop provider for upgrade, integration, hosting, administration and application management. We help our clients operate with lower risk due to single-provider efficiency, ease of communication, greater transparency and better reliability and availability.

“CGI continues to be a reliable and committed partner for the County’s ERP needs. We benefit from a single point of accountability for software delivery and implementation services, which maximizes our results while minimizing risk.”

Robert Davis, Assistant Auditor-Controller,
County of Los Angeles, CA (2012)

Proven results

CGI has successfully implemented more than 400 government ERP systems. Currently, CGI systems manage in excess of $700 billion and serve more than 93 million citizens. We have consistently delivered these solutions on-time and on-budget, while earning superior client satisfaction ratings. Our public sector professionals are dedicated 100 percent to government and include former government executives as well as highly skilled and experienced ERP subject matter experts, including CPAs, CFMPs, CGFMs and PMPs.

“CGI and the State of Maine have developed a true partnership that has been reaffirmed through this ERP project. This is one of our most successful IT engagements due in no small part to the caliber of CGI staff, their proven methodology, and their ongoing governance model. CGI’s innovative approach and responsibility for all solution elements enables them to provide committed service levels while reducing total cost of ownership and deferring initial spend.”

    Terry Brann, State of Maine Controller